The price of a driveway gate is influenced by a number of factors, including the size and weight of the gate, the type of materials used, the motor and any automation system to open and close the gate, as well as the installation cost.


How the size and weight of a driveway gate affect the price.  

Larger gates cost more because they need sturdier materials to support their weight.  Additionally, the larger the gate is the more it will need to be reinforced. The size of the gate also affects the cost of the motor and other components that will be required to be used. 

The weight of a driveway gate will also have an influence on the installation costs involved. Larger gates tend to be heavier, which means that more materials are needed.  The installation costs can, therefore, go up because gate posts have to be thicker and this all requires more effort and time for the installer. 

Type of material used. 

Most gates in South Africa are manufactured from steel and generally tend to be more be installed private properties due to the security risk that many South Africans face.  Local contractor often manufactures the gates by hand however, there are a number of manufacturers who use CNC machines to produce driveway gates, which keep the prices down. The driveway gate materials that increase the price the most is the metal used.  

Size of the Gate Entrance. 

The price of a driveway gate also depends on the size of the driveway that is required, how many car need to be able to enter and leave at any time. If you have a large driveway, then the gate will need to be larger to accommodate vehicles passing through. This will increase the price of the installation. 

driveway gate

Driveway gate prices. 

The price of a manual driveway gate starts at around R 10000 – R 60000, while an automated driveway gate price starts at around R18000 – R70000. The price of a driveway gate varies depending on the size of the gate, with different materials being used in the process. The prices above don’t include the price of installation. 

Taller gates are more expensive than shorter ones, and gates that are wider than 2.5 meters are also more expensive than smaller gates. 

Driveway gate installation cost. 

The Cost for installation start from R300 – R850 per hour, plus there can be a call out fee. 

When it comes to installing a driveway gate, the price also depends on the complexity of the installation.  

If the gate is already installed and you just want to add automation system by adding a motor. 

If the gate needs to be fitted onto a post that is already installed, the installation price will be lower than if the post needs to be concreted.  

If it is a sliding gate and the rail is already installed this will reduce the cost. 

If the rail needs to be installed and the area needs to be dug up and concrete poured these are all factors that will affect the increase the price of the installation. 

driveway gate
driveway gate

Motor installation cost. 

The automation of a drive way gate can also add to the cost. Automatic driveway gates open and close at the touch of a button, and this automation can be added to the cost of a driveway gate.  

The price of a driveway gate does not include the cost of the electric motor and automation system, so if you want it automated this to will increase the cost. The price for this automatic gate installation ranges from R500 to R3,500 and this doesn’t include the cost of the motor or the gate and its installation.  

The electric motor is usually fitted to the gate by an arm for swing gates or a rail for sliding gates, and it powers the opening and closing of the gate.  

An electric motor costs between R5000 and R8000, but it is not included in the cost of the driveway gate price. The last factor that affects the price of a driveway gate is the materials used in constructing it.   

Sliding driveway gate prices. 

Sliding gates are often available in wooden, steel, and mesh fences. Some people prefer the look of a swinging driveway gate over that of a sliding one, so you will have to decide what look is best for your home. 

Sliding drive way gates are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa as they provide a more secure alternative to traditional swing gates. Not only do they offer greater security, but they are also more convenient as they do not require as much space to open. 

When it comes to quality and affordability, South Africans can also consider the sliding drive way gate. Although they are slightly more expensive than the farm fence, they still offer good value for money. 

It is essential to choose a drive way gate that is both sturdy and attractive. A good company will advise you on the best type of gate for your property. South Africa has many companies that offer excellent quality products and services, but you are welcome to call Us to get a free quote. Learn more about gate maintenance and repair.