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Automated gates can certainly make your life a lot easier but increasing the durability of your gate is essential as well. Maintenance of anything, especially mechanical parts can go a long way.

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We provide routine maintenance for automated gates for commercial and residential properties so they kee[ working in top condition all year long. Season changes such as rain, high heat, or cold can cause issues with your electric or mechanical parts if the automated parts. However, proper maintenance will make sure you don’t pay for high repair costs and part replacement costs when you get regular maintenance.

Gate And Motor Maintenance

Keeping Your Automated Gates Clean

Keeping Your Automated Gates Clean

Dirty gates tend to get rusted sooner. They will damage sooner as well. The common parts that get dirty are motor, tracks, gears, ball bearings, etc. Oftentimes the lubrication used can trap dirt and jam your gate. First can get inside the mechanical or electric parts causing rust formation. Ants and other pests can also make your gate get damaged sooner. Cleaning the gate components can certainly increase the durability of a lot of parts.

Removing Rust And Painting

We will remove the rust from the metal parts of your gate that can jam the track and the smooth movement of your gate. If the existing paint is peeling off, we can also sand the metal and repaint the surface. Painting the metal parts will prevent further rusting and make sure your gate looks new and clean.

Relubricating The Moving Parts

The wheels, ball bearing, and gears are lubricated for functioning properly. However, if the lubrication dries off or traps too much dirt, it becomes ineffective. In such cases, we clean the existing lubrication with proper technique then put another coat of lubrication in its place. This will make sure the parts function properly again and your gate slides or rolls smoother.

Checking On The Electric Parts.

It is also essential to maintain the electrical components, in addition to cleaning the outer physical portions of the doors. One thing to note is that besides bugs and other pests, the circuit board which controls the gate sits outside and is therefore exposed to the elements. Although the contractor should complete the installation of your gate in a way that minimizes the danger of any electrical components that cause harm, there is always a risk when working with the outside.

Changing The Batteries

Many automated gates work on batteries that drain out eventually. If you are not sure how to change the batteries, call us. We will change the batteries with new batteries that are of good quality.


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